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FAQ about Orthotics

1. What Are Advance Tech Orthotics?
They are custom fit accomodative arch support, inserts for footwear. Designed to help correct an abnormal foot, not to fit the abnormality.

2. How Do Custom Fit Orthotics Work?
Fit specifically to each foot the orthotic helps balance the foot supporting or relieving weight and pressure where necessary, at the same time aligning to foot to help prevent lateral motions called excessive supination or pronation. Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced foot will help relieve pain and fatigue throughout the entire body.

3. Who Are They For?
Everyone! It does not matter how young or how old you are. What type of work you do or what activities you enjoy. If you have pain, discomfort or fatigue and would enjoy relief, orthotics are for you!

4. Will They Fit In All My Shoes? 
Advance Tech  orthotics have been called the professional dancers choice, as they are easily adaptable to all shoes. Once custom fit, one pair are transferable between slip-ons, oxfords, boots, high-heels, and athletic shoes without needing larger fitting footwear to accommodate the orthotic.

Made from a special material our orthotic is washable, easy to keep clean and is odor free. There is no bacterial buildup to cause skin and toenail infections commonly seen with other orthotics and can be comfortably worn either between the sock and shoe as well as next to the skin between the sock (or panty hose) and foot.

6. Does Insurance Pay For Orthotics?
Check your health insurance plan. If you have coverage for custom fit orthotics then your insurance may cover ours. Upon request at time of order,  your receipt includes procedure and I.D. codes to submit for reimbursement. We cannot provide diagnostic codes for your insurance company as we do not diagnose. Check your coverage if a referal or diagnosis is required before submitting a claim

7. How Do I Get My Orthotics?
Go to the pricing and ordering page or call for a casting box. Also go to our Events page and see when someone may be in your area for a live fit or call our lab for an appointment.

8.What is a CPed?

C. Ped:

C. Ped. stands for Certified Pedorthist. 

The field of Pedorthics is the study of footwear and supplemental devices for footwear; including orthoses, prostheses, shoe modifications, shoe fitting and shoe fabrication. 

The licensing board for Pedorthics is the BCP (Board for Certification in Pedorthics) The BCP is recognized by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the ABC (American Board of Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics). 

For more information on Pedorthics, please go to the BCP website or the PFA (Prescription Footwear Association). Both sites are good resources for reliable information.